Public Safety

Public Safety is Alderman Villegas' #1 Priority. Throughout his term as Alderman,  he successfully fought to bring more police to the 36th Ward. Both the 16th and 25th Police Districts now have more officers patrolling our neighborhood thanks to Alderman Villegas' efforts. BUT the job is not done. He will continue to push for more police until our neighborhoods get the number of officers we deserve.

Villegas Seniors
As 36th Ward Alderman and resident, Gilbert is dedicated to combating the various concerns facing our community
  • Helped start dozens of new block clubs - connecting neighbors is the first step to having a safe neighborhood
  • Hosted Public Safety Seminars and Outdoor Police Roll Calls
  • Introduced an ordinance to send therapists and grief counselors into the neighborhood after acts of violence because caring for our neighborhoods starts by caring for our neighbors


As a taxpayer himself, Alderman Villegas is cognizant of the heavy burdens taxes place upon the residents of the 36th Ward. As costs of goods and services increase, it is imperative that taxes do not increase creating more of a hardship for our residents.

Gilbert believes in putting our communities family's first.
  • Voted against the Property Tax increase, the garbage fee, the water fee, and every other tax increase during his time in City Council
  • Believes the budget needs to be cut before putting more burdens on the backs of Chicago working families
  • Constituents should not be punished for previous mistakes by City Leaders


Access to quality education is the key to building a strong future for our neighborhoods. Gilbert believes that all children and young adults of the 36th Ward are entitled to the best possible education. Alderman Villegas is devoted to ensuring all of the students of the 36th Ward have access to exceptional education resources which will allow them to grow within themselves, develop their skills, and become productive members of society.

Alderman Villegas has fought tirelessly for more education resources for the Ward
  • $12 million to Prosser Career Academy to make it a world class trade school
  • CVS sponsored school supplies donated to Reinberg Elementary
  • New playground for Chicago Academy
  • Beautiful new field for Locke Elementary School
  • New annex for Hanson Park (coming soon)
  • Steinmetz now has a partnership with Robert Morris which allows students to graduate with free college credits. Steinmetz College Prep is finally becoming a world class College Prep.